Tesla Powerwall 2

Solar energy has become quite popular in recent years and there are so many technologies that have been introduced to support the system. Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the best battery storage systems that store up unused solar energy from the grid. This makes it possible for you to make use of solar power in your home at night or when there are power interruptions. We are the certified Tesla Powerwall 2 installers in Reno, NV and we will be glad to help you with the setup and configuration of this battery. Tesla is a renowned brand and its products are of exceptional quality.
Tesla Powerwall is a lithium battery that has had a significant impact on the solar industry. The initial model had a 6.4kwh capacity, which was smaller. With the introduction of the Powerwall 2, you will enjoy more capacity and you can there are additional features that have been included. There is an inbuilt inverter and as such, it is easier to convert the direct current to alternating current. This is a great solution for all homeowners who have invested in solar energy as they will be able to make the most of the energy that is produced. Solar power is renewable and with this battery, you will store energy and use it whenever you choose to.

How Can the Tesla Powerwall 2 Help?

Tesla Powerwall 2 can be used for quite a number of applications. If you would want to self-power your home, this is the right solution for you. In short, you will make use of more solar energy in that the excess energy is stored in the battery and can be used later. Most homeowners have chosen this to become a power backup system. As such, when there is a power outage, the battery will power up your home and this gives you an indefinite output of electricity irrespective of the time of day or night. If you would want to monitor your energy consumption, you can use the Tesla mobile app to get real-time usage data.

Powerwall 2 works well with all types of solar systems. If you have a solar system in your home, it is advisable to have these batteries installed for a consistent supply of solar power. This is a cost-effective solution that reduces your energy consumption is a significant manner. You will be able to use solar power longer and for various applications, which in turn lowers your energy bills. As long as your solar panels are able to capture the sunlight during the day, the Tesla battery will be able to store the excess electricity. With a storage option, the excess energy is usually sent back to the grid.

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If you are searching for a reliable solar battery backup system, we would be glad to recommend Tesla Powerwall 2 Reno, NV. We are experts and we will be happy to install this battery such that you can get adequate electricity to meet your energy needs in your home. Contact us for more information and to get a free quote.
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